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Welcome to Geek Girl’s Movie Reviews!

Here I plan to hone my review-writing skills and share my opinions of various movies with the world.  Be forewarned, though – I’m a total movie nerd, and I’ve seen a lot of movies, ranging from the pants-crappingly scary to the pants-wettingly funny.  I like horror, sci-fi, action, and some comedy, but I occasionally delve into mainstream drama or the occasional rom com if they strike my fancy.  Some of the movies I’ve seen are brain-meltingly bad, but I’ve seen very few movies that I couldn’t finish watching (I’m looking at you, Spice World…)

Right now I have a decent list of movies I plan to review in the future, but by all means, if you know of a movie you want me to review, send it in – I’ll see if I can take a look.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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